Yesterday, my online site had been down for several days. However, I managed to bring it back up this afternoon after receiving some technical advice from the server’s inquiry desk. Although there were some technical terms that worried me, I searched the internet multiple times and was able to overcome this difficulty. The support advice and automatic backup service provided by the server company were great encouragements for me. Now, I feel like I’ve taken another step forward.

While I was struggling with my MacBook, I received a suspicious email from an internet bank. The message said that “the balance in your account was insufficient, so we were unable to withdraw from your credit card.” Every month, 2500 yen is withdrawn from my account through the credit company to pay the rental warehouse company. The withdrawal date is the 17th of each month. At first, I was in a hurry to pay the shortfall, but unfortunately, I had a difficult problem and couldn’t do it right away. However, maybe I was lucky. In the evening, after the problem was resolved, I slowly checked the email and noticed some suspicious points. The reason was that the name of the company from which the money was withdrawn was completely different, with slightly different words following the alphabet of the warehouse company, and the withdrawal date was five days earlier than planned. Nothing like this has come from the company before. I immediately reported this from the mail form of the inquiry counter of the net bank, and it seems that this month I have a connection with the contact window.

In any case, no matter what kind of hardships I face, I have lived alone so far without being shaken. Of course, I can get support from various people. However, it is an undeniable fact that my circumstances bring good luck to me.