I woke up earlier than expected this morning because I had many unfinished items on my to-do list. The online site where I sell my work was finally restored, but last night I received a warning email from the server. The email stated that the data storage had exceeded 110% and was very dangerous, so I needed to delete unnecessary files immediately. After investigating the issue, I found that the main cause was the backup file used for recovery, so I deleted it to solve the problem.

Next, I worked on translating my English blog into everyday Japanese and started posting it on a blog site other than WordPress. As another blog site, compared to “noto.com”, “Cf2”, I ended up choosing Blogger. I chose to use Blogger because I thought it would be more meaningful for Google searches if I used it with my YouTube account. Lately, I’ve been making an effort to release more information to the outside world and renewing my introverted activities.

This English article, which I started on March 23, is already the 22th article, but I couldn’t upload everything in one day today. I will continue working on it tomorrow.

In the evening, I came up with the concept of a work on the theme of a hollow structure and created some rough sketches using watercolor pencils on gray Fabriano paper. I tried to keep the sketches as rough as possible to emphasize the differences between prints and drawings.

Going forward, I want to focus on clarifying the differences between prints and drawings. I hope to create a new style by making the drawings as crude as possible.