When I woke up this morning, I received an email from the support desk of my rental server asking for a solution to a problem. While I wanted to try a specific method to solve the problem, I prioritized my shooting work and put off responding to the email for the time being. The weather was lovely today, with strong sunlight, so I was able to comfortably shoot mini-sized prints in my solarium.

In the afternoon, I revisited the email from the support desk and thoroughly investigated the parts that I didn’t understand by searching on Google. The solution was to download a server-side auto-backup file, then upload and replace the file with the problematic site. I had used that method three years ago, but I was surprised to find out that backup files are now automatically stored, unlike before. However, it was also difficult for me because the FTP software Cyberduck use to download and upload files from the server is a very old version. If I wanted to upgrade to a newer version, I would have to buy it for 3900 yen. Instead, I spent hours working with the old FTP software to download the backup files from the server. It took me about four hours.

While waiting for the backup files to download, I tried to read a book I had borrowed from the library, but I couldn’t focus on it. Eventually, after dinner, I uploaded the images I had prepared during the day to a website called Iichi and started selling mini-sized prints.