Last night, the online site I manage went down. I tried to fix it until 4:30 this morning but failed due to my limited knowledge. After consulting with ChatGPT, I contacted the rental server’s support desk for help. Though a bit disappointed, I have faced similar situations before and believe I can overcome it. Instead of waiting, I focus on what I can do.

For a few days, I’ve been working on promoting my mini-sized prints. Besides my website, I’ve registered on online shops like Etsy and Icchi, carefully setting some limitations to ensure that the value of my work remains intact. My concept is “art that creates an extraordinary space in life.” I’m planning to showcase mezzotint works with imaginary plants and organic worlds using bright colors to express transparency. I framed three prints in preparation for tomorrow’s shoot, and while admiring them, I got an idea for my next work – more mini-sized prints on the theme of Microcosmos.