The weather was nice today and the solarium was very warm. So, in the morning, I prepared two mezzotint plates,

Printed on my etching press.

It’s a very good environment for printmaking in the solarium. The window that can be ventilated at any time and the light from the ceiling window that does not require lighting equipment help me to adjust the color of the ink and shoot the prints. Furthermore, it dries the towel immediately after absorbing the moisture of the wet paper. It’s as if this room was waiting for me to make prints.

When I moved to this apartment in 2017, I hadn’t made prints yet. I never imagined that I would use this solarium as a print making room.

First of all, while looking at today’s test print, I spent the night working on the mezzotint plate to emphasize the highlights with a scraper.

While gradually expanding the white margins, I want to make effective use of them in my work without any discomfort.

Looking at the copper plate all day long is so dazzling that I fall asleep quickly when I go to sleep at night. I want to get up early tomorrow and work on the printmaking, so I’ll go to bed early tonight so I can get enough sleep.