The weather today was cloudy and even colder than yesterday. In the morning, I went to Karuizawa Hotchi Market to buy some vegetables. When I got on the bus and was approaching Toriibara, a pheasant flew low across the front of the bus. The low-flying pheasant was like slow motion, and my eyes caught it clearly.

When I got off at Karuizawa Hotchi Market, I smelled sulfur there. Now that Mt. Asama’s eruption level has risen to 2, I realized it was the volcanic effect.

At the market, I bought one cabbage, potatoes, onions, watercress, green onions, etc., and immediately took the bus home and went home via the library.

After returning home, I worked on the mezzotint plate until the evening, and two new plates were made. Tomorrow if I’m in the mood, I’ll try to print those two mezzotint plates.