Karuizawa is about 1,000 meters above sea level, so if the weather is good during the day, the sun will be strong. A place exposed to the sun will feel warmer.

In the morning, I really wanted to draw. A few days ago, I received an e-mail from a reader of my e-mail newsletter. The content was that she was looking at my work”coming spring” which she purchased in 2018.

When I saw the title of the work, I couldn’t remember the work, so I searched on my website and found the image. Seeing it made me feel very refreshed. It was a drawing made with Schmincke watercolors on Italian Fabriano Classico paper.

I closed the image for a while and tried to draw a new picture of the current “Spring Coming” that came to my mind with Sennelier’s acrylic ink and brush pen.

This composition was born in the work “bird’s eye and view” 2013. Exactly 10 years have passed since then. How have I changed in the last ten years? Has nothing changed? As I drew while thinking about various things, I once again realized that this composition was an important motif for me.

This composition is a mirror that reflects my inner self, and I felt that it symbolizes the hollow structure of the Japanese mind and the structure of society.