Last night, I was thinking about my printmaking process and had an idea in the morning. 

The print work printed by me yesterday was a solid green color. In order to compose a screen with only the shades of that single color, it feels unsatisfactory without various elements. So, like the “HANAKAGOME” series that I produced last month, I adopted the technique of “à la poupee”, which divides one plate into several colors, and tried several variations to gain experience. is the most robust, I have found.

It is important for me to think from one discovery to what can be done based on that discovery, not from one discovery to another.

For example, let’s say I go to the supermarket to buy groceries, but I can’t buy a variety of foods with this month’s income. In such a case, I decide that it is better to buy one that can be used to make various side dishes with one ingredient. That’s the potato. Potatoes can be used to make various dishes such as soup, French fries, potato salad, Nikuzyaga ( meat and potatos ), and they keep for a long time. However, if you buy raw fish, there are few variations on the menu and it doesn’t last long.

If the technique of “à la poupee” is established as a technique of mezzotint, I will focus on how to incorporate it into my style and establish it. should After one style had formed out of it, I decided it was better to go down the road towards discovering another style.

So I put some tracing paper on top of yesterday’s print and started drawing lines dividing the color planes, adding turquoise blue on top of the yellow, and then adding more purple. As I started thinking in this way, a number of ideas emerged. Then, I converted the print into a JPG image and imported it into my computer, simulated many different ideas using Photoshop software, and output one that I finally decided on to an inkjet printer. I came up with the procedure of making a paper pattern by cutting out each side.

However, I had to buy A3 size tracing paper, and I wasted a lot of energy thinking about it.

In Italy, there was news that a law was enacted to ban ChatGPT. Even in Japan, it may not be possible to use it, or it may be charged at a high price. During the free trial period, I wanted to do some research on ChatGPT.

The most useful achievement today was having my artist statement corrected in native American English. ChatGPT quickly wrote out the corrected English without hesitation. On top of that, he also briefly told me what points to improve if the writing was to be improved further. You can feel the passion for sticky exploration.”

collor mezzotint