Since January 2017, I have been sending out a monthly e-magazine, “Visual Artist Yuko Kawada’s Newsletter”. It will be delivered on April 20th this month.

This e-mail newsletter is edited and distributed independently by myself using the WordPress plugin “MailPoet”.

Roughly on the 18th of every month, I shoot 3-5 of my new works and digitally develop them on my PC. Upload the image online using the WooCommerce plugin on the management screen of the work sales site.

In addition, we will also exhibit these new images in the latest work exhibition room of the virtual space KUNSTMATRIX.

On the next day, on the 19th, I put images in the editing management screen of the official website, created and entered text data such as autobiography, laid out images and text in the newsletter article, and added a link to another site Paste. In the morning of the next 20th, I will proofread the newsletter article that I created the day before and distribute it to more than 100 readers in the afternoon.

In addition to my activities as an artist, I put a lot of effort and time into delivering the e-mail newsletter. However, it is possible to obtain continuous support, which is a great support for production activities.

“Whether it’s a work or a newsletter, day by day, month after month, it’s my specialty and one of my greatest accomplishments.”

Unfortunately, for now, this e-mail newsletter is written in Japanese. I’m learning English steadily from now so that I can deliver in English in the future.