The YouTube video recording scheduled for today has been postponed until tomorrow. The noise from the construction next door was loud in the morning, so I decided that I couldn’t record it.

I myself was sleepy for some reason in the morning. Spring may be such a season. Still, I never stopped drawing.

Instead of the Japanese brush I used yesterday, I used a French Raphael Watercolor Brush 8383, No. 4. It may be a matter of course, but the brush moved as I wanted to draw. But for watercolor hatching, I use a Japanese “Menso” brush. It’s the one on the far left of the image. The brush I use for my oil paintings is the Japanese “Maruzen Interlon”. I use them according to TPO.

Next month, the entire Karuizawa area will be dyed in the color of young leaves. Thinking ahead, I drew on paper while remembering the color and light.