It rained all day today and was very cold. I had to turn on the electric stove. Even on Sundays, I make art without rest.

The mezzotint plate I’ve been scraping is almost finished. Perhaps the day after tomorrow I will be able to print it on the press.

Making a copperplate engraving is completely different from painting. First, I feel like I’m facing a mirror. I have to imagine it being printed and undoing it. Since I work while looking at only the beautiful colors of , I need some time to accept the difference between the beautiful copper plate and the color of the printed ink.

I am constantly thinking about how to use the color of the ink and the whiteness of the paper.

The first thing I think about when I wake up every morning is what kind of print I want to make. And next how can I use and enjoy my today.

I want to keep thinking about why it is necessary for me, who has been making paintings, to also make prints and what is my best print.